Graphic Design and Photography Specialists Scallop Publishing and Photography is the trading name of Scallop Moments! Ltd. We are based on Auckland's beautiful North Shore but we are happy to work wherever you need us!
We will have a complete site here for you soon but meantime, here's a little about what we do ...

Do you need -


              a catalogue,

              advertising material,

              product photos,

              general photography,

              copy to be written,

              a logo designed,

              a web site,

              packaging or brochure






or even your own personalised trade magazine?


Or maybe all of the above?


Would you believe that just one person can do all of those things for you and see the whole project through from start to finish?


That's what makes us better. And different. And affordable.


We don't want everyone's business but we want yours.


And we want to make a difference.


We will have a full website for you soon but meantime we have a couple of catalogues, several advertisements, two web sites and a few logos to finish.


And our customers come first.


So, if you can't wait for us to finish the site and need to talk to us about any of those things now, just click on the link below to send me an email and I will get straight back to you ...

How to Catch Fish and Where, published by HarperCollins, was written by our chief designer/photographer, Michael Rendle.
The book was designed and produced (excluding the cover) by Scallop Publishing. Click on the cover to see more details about the book and how to buy it.
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